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Are we accountable to the children whom we work with? Is there a need to look within our NGOs?

This months’ aarambh TALK features my take on Child Protection and NGOs in India!!

Aarambh India

 Child Protection & NGOs in India


Uma Subramanian


Case 1: “Our organization works on Women’s issues is there a need for a child protection policy?”

Case 2: “We have recreational centre for children. Our staff is experienced and trained in child rights, we don’t see the need to have a separate child protection policy.”

These are responses from NGOs who work with children (directly or indirectly). In most cases there is no system of child protection in an organization that does not directly work with children, it is not seen as an organizational goal. What is even more shocking is many organizations that work with children on a daily basis do not have a child protection policy.

This is one of the biggest deterrents to child protection in India today. We NGOs have been the watchdogs of child rights in the country, even before India ratified the United Nations…

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