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The Jia Khan’s case (a celebrity who hanged herself earlier this month due to a failed love affair) does not make my heart wrench for her clearly because its a classic example of how women “educated” “effluent” and “elite” who are supposed to be independent and intelligent, let LOSERS take charge of their life and kill themselves in the end.

Jia Khan was a role model to many girls in her own way because she had achieved so much in a young age. Her boyfriend was a struggler and a loser. He was abusive and clearly not faithful, in spite of all this she was with him. I appreciate that she was in love and she was faithful – BUT YOU CANNOT BE STUPID IN LIFE. She had a mother, two sisters and her entire career ahead of her. She chose to give away all that for a abuser and a rapist?

You CANNOT blame the world for your problems. You have to take charge of your situation and change it. I am a firm believer of that.

I work with thousands of women who are victims of violence and abuse – they ARE STILL ALIVE, fighting their battle every single day. Jia khan had all the resources to live happily IF she had a better will power. I have no sympathy for people who are cowards in life.

What is real upliftment of women? When she takes charge of her life and shows the door to people out who are causing her pain and violating her rights – JIA KHAN became a victim. My issue is not that she got pregnant or she aborted. I am sure all that was by her own choice – she gave her consent because that is what it looks like, lets assume that even if she was raped she had a choice to go in public and ensure this guy was behind bars.She was a celebrity, she had the media behind her and she could have certainly ruined his life if she wanted. This could have been an example for millions of young girls in India.

She could have led by example but she did not. She succumbed to the SELF CREATED PRESSURES and SELF AFFLICTED PAIN – She had a CHOICE unlike many other women in this country and yet gave it all away.

Jia’s Family who have now come all out against this guy should have done this the day the mother found out that Jia was hit by this boyfriend. ¬†What were they doing till now? Is this not the case with majority of families in India – we don’t know what our daughters are going through, who they are with and what it could potentially do to them.

How I wish WOMEN in India could have a better sense of what is right and what is wrong for themselves. The guy DID NOT deserve Jia – period!! She was stuck to him because SHE loved him, and he USED HER, ABUSED HER AND CERTAINLY KILLED HER. She knew it all along.

This country is full of ABUSIVE BOYFRIENDS who think they can get what they want , but are we going to let our girls die because we teach them that TRUE LOVE HAPPENS ONLY ONCE and you have to marry the man with whom you have slept? Ridiculuos!!!